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Excerpts from my talk at Sophia Polytechnic

Protect your mind.
Your mind is the most valuable asset you’ll ever own.
It’ll will be your office for years to come.
A playground when you’re bored.
A preview room for all your fantasies
A library when you’re searching for something
A secret garden when you’ll want to keep something
A mill when you’d want to invent something.
A boat. A bridge for troubled waters.
A bank. A vault. A panic room…
And your own.

Learn to control it, use and protect it.
Here are 13 simple tips.

1. Accept nervousness

Nervousness is the first Feeling a mind feels.
If you aren’t nervous you’re not feeling.
Learn to accept it as a good feeling.
Love, excitement, euphoria, exuberance. The greatest feelings are built on nervousness. Build on it. You’ll soon feel you’re on top of the world.

2. Teach you mind to Collaborate
You cant be good at everything.
One mind is good. Two minds, great!
Learn to co-exist with other minds.
Minds that are completely tangential to yours. Relatively faster, or deeper or simpler.
Stimulate each other. Glory never came to one person alone.

3. Believe in something.
God. Self. Destiny. Magic. Santa. Aliens. Hope. Something. Anything. Believe.
You’ll feel less dizzy if you fix your eyes to the horizon.

4. Channel emotions.
In a life time:
There will be happiness.
There will be despair.
There will be depression.
There will be time you’ll feel stupid.
There will be times you feel like you’re on top.
Don’t waste these emotions doing nothing.
Create something out of it.
Blues came out of pain. R&B came out of Oppression.

5. Be a student. Judge less. Experience more.

The world will change. The world will evolve.
Sometimes we’ll contribute to the change and evolution
But most times we’ll experience it.
Accept it. Learn from it.
From the right. From the wrong. From the foolish. From the strong.

6. Don’t abuse your mind
Drugs can’t make you think better.
Not in the short run. Not in the long run.
Breathe correctly. Eat on time. Drink responsibly.
I don’t know if it will help you think better.
But it will certainly help you think longer.

7. Don’t let things go to your head
Sometimes you’ll succeed.
Sometimes you’ll fail.
Some days you’ll be genius.
Some days you’ll be a stupid.
Don’t get stuck on one.

8. Travel
Nothing comes from nothing. Nothing ever does.
See places. Read. Listen. Watch. Meet people.
The more we see. The more ideas we’ll get.

9. Meditate.

Even your mind requires a little time alone to sort itself.

10. Simplify.
Most of your hard work should go into minimizing complications in you mind.
Beyond that creativity and life are both simple.

11. Play with your mind.

Turn things on its head. Play what if?
Invent tools. Thinking patterns.

12. Be honest with your own-self.
The more honest you are with yourself,
the more you’d accept yourself for what you are.
And the faster you accept yourself for what you are,
the sooner your work looks original.

13. THINK.
Don’t just sit there and worry.
The less space you’ll keep for worries.
The more space there will be to think.

Thank you.